warm food is healthier for you

Why is a Warm Cooked Meal Healthier For You?

Why is a warm cooked meal healthier? As a rule,  there are a variety of ways to eat healthy. For example, one good way is to, improve the absorption of nutrients from food. This aids in good digestion.  In this case, you want to get as many vitamins and minerals out of your food and into your body.  This keeps your body healthy.  

Warm and Tote Legend Heated Lunch Tote
Heated Lunch Tote

For starters, you can improve nutrient absorption by eating slowly and chewing your food carefully and properly .  This is a great start but eating hot food multiplies this benefit .

Warm Cooked Food

By far, eating hot food advances nutritional absorption. For example, cooking your food breaks down the food’s chemicals.  Consequently, those chemicals are broken down before they enter your body.  Hence, the food’s vitamins and minerals are absorbed much easier.  Therefore, this increases the nutritional value of each warm meal.

Cold Food vs Warm Food

On the other hand, a cold meal can slow down your metabolism.  So, If you are trying to lose weight it would be more beneficial to eat warm food.

Allergies and Warm Food

Incidentally, the foods which cause allergies in children are as you know: milk soy, peanuts, fish, shellfish and more. Conversely,  heat changes these foods and  therefore, may reverse allergic reactions.

Why Is a Warm Cooked Meal Healthier for You?

In conclusion, the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods keeps us healthy by boosting our immune system to airborne illnesses and disease.  Additionally,  proper nutrition lifts one’s mental sharpness.

So for lunchtime pack a hot lunch !

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