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How To Teach Your Children To Pass A Reading Test: The Story Plot

Part 4

A story map is organized in thought -provoking order.   However, this is to keep the reader’s interest. This organized order is called the story’s plot .    A story plot must have a beginning, a middle and an end. In other words, a story plot centers around the events in a story that happen at the beginning, the middle and the end. Consequently, if children can identify a story’s plot they can increase their chances of passing a reading test.

In parts 1-3 of Children Can Pass Reading Tests,  the article identifies the characters, the setting,  the problem and the solution in a fiction story. Each of these story components are all an important part of reading comprehension. Together they form a story map . The author uses this story map to convey a  story.


How To teach Your Children to Pass A Reading Test: Story Map

The Reading Test Questions

A reading test will ask the reader questions about the story plot.  For example, what part of the story did Judy ……..?  The reader locates the action mentioned in the question and identifies whether the action happens at the beginning, the middle or the end of the story. 

How To teach Your Children to Pass A Reading Test: for Home Schooling

Teaching the plot of a story is quite simple.  Refer to  a movie, a favorite tv show, or  chronicle an average day in your family,   have your child tell a story.   Have them re-count events that occur at the beginning,  the middle and the end.  However, you must make sure that the events are sequenced properly.  


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