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Depression – Can I Get Over It? Get Self Help

Perhaps as many as 90 percent of all physical problems have psychological roots at their source.  Below are some self help suggestions to deal with depression.

“Clinical observations … suggest that the onset and progress of many diseases – diabetes, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and cancer among them – are influenced by the psychological state of the patient.” [Malcolm W. Browne, “Taking Stock of Cancer Risks: The List Goes On” New York Times, February 4, 1985, Section, C, p.5]

But just as physical disorders can result from emotional problems, the reverse, too, is possible; emotional problems can result from physical disorders.  For example, anxiety, depression, and emotional fatigue often result from physical conditions.  Often, because an emotional condition has no obvious cause, the “diagnosis” may be that the condition is purely emotional while the real reason may be allergies, lighting, low levels, social distancing, quarantine circumstances and so on.

How Can Anxiety Be Treated?

The results from treating anxiety or depression through nutritional, behavioral and psychotherapeutic means are mixed, at best. But as Dr. John C Pecknold said at the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychiatric Association “behavior therapy is as effective as benzodiazepines for general anxiety disorders.” [Family Practice News, February 15-29, 1984] Some of the more successful therapies are as follows:

Psychotherapy , In psychotherapy, the therapists goal is twofold (1) to help the patient understand the underlying cause of his or her anxiety or depression and then (2) to overcome the anxiety.  Psychotherapy can be effective in treating chronic, moderate anxiety conditions and phobias.

Pet Therapy, the responsibility of caring for a pet and the unconditional love that animals, particularly dogs, offer their masters are powerful healing tools.  Pet therapy is especially helpful for people who feel isolated and lonely, out of touch with their emotions and unloved.

Dietary Therapy,  People who suffer from hypoglycemia and wheat allergies or experience reactions to certain food additives, may not be able to fill specific nutritional requirements through normal food sources and normal diets.  These disorders have been implicated in various emotional problems, particularly in anxiety and depression disorders.  Thus, dietary therapy offers an alternative approach to traditional treatments of anxiety disorders and other emotional problems.

Supplements That Will Offer Self Help For Depression

To help relieve depression, consider the following supplements

Vitamin B12 injections (administered by a physician) and digestive aids to increase the absorption of nutrients help in treating depression.  Also, whenever you take vitamin B12, always take folic acid as well.

Many other B vitamins and vitamin C produce a positive response in certain types of depression. Take other herbs for depression such as vitamin B6, niacinamide, and folate.

Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acids, too, are helpful herbs for depression and in treating various emotional and mental disorders.

Other Herbs For Depression

Tyrosine (controls medication-resistant depression),  GABA (gamma-aminobutyric), D-Phenylalanine (both alone and in combination with tyrosine), vitamin B and L-Tryptophan (for  premenstrual depression)

For Obsessive and Compulsive Behavior : L-Trytophan

For Insomnia and Depression: L-Trytophan

For Manic Behavior and Acute Agitation: GABA

For Schizophrenia: Trytophan

Self Help Homeopathy

Try the following homeopathy remedies:

For Nervousness and Stress: Arnica

For Changeable Moods: Ignatia

For Nervousness and Anxiousness: Silicea

For General Emotional Stress and Fear: Rescue remedy, also known as Bach remedy ( available in concentrated form in most health food stores and better pharmacies)

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