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Coeliac Disease Symptoms

Coeliac Disease Symptoms – Facts

Coeliac Coeliac Disease Symptoms – In the small intestines are villi, tiny hair like objects that project from the intestine wall.  Because the villi are responsible for absorbing fluids and nutrients, they perform a very, very important task.  When the villi do not perform their job, the body cannot get all the essential nutrients it …

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foods that prevent cancer

Foods That Prevent Cancer – How To Tell Warning Signs

Perhaps no other disease receives as much attention today as cancer.  Actually, cancer is not one disease but over 100 different diseases that share a common problem: the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. Below are some foods that prevent cancer. No one who has cancer should attempt self-treatment.  Anyone who has- or suspects …

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anxiety, depression

Depression – Can I Get Over It? Get Self Help

Perhaps as many as 90 percent of all physical problems have psychological roots at their source.  Below are some self help suggestions to deal with depression. “Clinical observations … suggest that the onset and progress of many diseases – diabetes, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and cancer among them – are influenced by the psychological state …

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Words and Phonics


Phonics is the foundation to mastering reading skills.               Pick Your Word Menu Computer Letters   Type each of your words on a computer 2 times each. Print it out and underline any words that have more than one syllable. Rainbow Words   Write your words using markers. Try to follow the rainbow order of …

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Home school online

HOME SCHOOL ONLINE – Quick Schedule Guide

This online home school schedule is basically functional for your elementary children, It can be tweaked for your children in middle and high school. At first, the transition from school to home learning can be challenging. Twenty days working with this schedule can create an independent learner. This will give them a HUGE advantage when …

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