Turmeric: The Natural Medicine

Turmeric, the natural medicine,  provides a great benefit that aids in blood purification, skin care and healing for open wounds.  

Anti Inflammatory Benefit and Turmeric

A study was conducted over a period of eight weeks.  One hundred and seventeen people who suffered from metabolic syndrome participated in the study.  Hence, half of the people were given a placebo and half were given a turmeric pill. At the conclusion of the study half of the participants who were given turmeric developed inflammation levels lower than the placebo group.

As a rule, inflammation in the digestive tract causes IBD or inflammatory bowel disease.  Generally, to provide relief, inflammatory bowel disease requires surgery. For example, Crohns and ulcerative colitis are inflammatory bowel diseases. As a result of the test above, it is clear that turmeric proves to be a more desirable, natural medicine than surgery, to bring relief from IBD.

Blood Purifier and Tumeric

Our blood can be tainted from our very lifestyles. For instance, there are pesticides in our farming processes.  Additionally, some enjoy a fast food diet .  Moreover, animals that are part of our diets are fed with antibiotics. Most importantly, the very air we breathe is polluted.  Consequently, these issues give rise to toxic blood levels.

Our blood  transports nutrients and oxygen to our vital organs.  As a result, these organs are responsible for flushing toxins from our body.  Most importantly, expelling toxins from our body helps to boost our immune systems.  Likewise a healthy immune system prevents serious disease.

Tumeric, an Indian spice is known for purifying the blood by toxin removal. Turmeric in our food does a tremendous benefit to our health.

Skin and Turmeric

The skin, our most precious asset  mirrors our true health.  As mentioned above, turmeric is a blood purifier. As a result a true internal cleansing shows externally by improving the skin’s glow. Apply turmeric externally or internally to bring that much wanted glow to your skin.

Wounds and Tumeric

For the most part, an open wound is described as injury to the skin.. Furthermore,  skin wounds left untreated create  a high infection risk.  Similarly, blood loss is also a concern for open wounds.  Curcumin, a therapeutic component of turmeric is used as an antibacterial for cuts and wounds.  Used as a paste tumeric accelerates the healing process and lessens the risk of scar formation,  

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In conclusion, an alternative medicine such as turmeric is an awesome asset to keep in your spice cabinet.

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