Why Should I Keep My Child’s Brain Charged Over the Summer? Great Reading Resources K-8

Over the summer, your child’s brain is in danger of succumbing to what is called the “summer slide,” which means that there is a decline in their ability to read. Plenty of scientific studies have found that “students who don’t read or read infrequently during their summer vacation see their reading abilities stagnate or decline,” according to the blog of the U.S. Department of Education.

The U.S. Department of Education goes on to note that “[t]his effect becomes more pronounced as kids get older and advance through the school system.” Reading is critical to your child being able to stay on grade reading level or to progress so that they become on grade level.

Here are some helpful resources to get your kid reading this summer:


1.) While you want to avoid your child staring at a screen too much in the summer, there are a number of very helpful websites and apps to help children learn how to read that you could make use of on a limited basis. One of them is Starfall. This website and app is great for kids K-2 and teaches phonics, nursery rhymes, and even math skills. Online games on the PBS website are also great for building reading skills in young children. For K-8, you might try Funbrain, which helps students improve math and reading skills. It offers books and comics, and interactive games. Light up Your Brain is another great site to help student develop reading and other academic skills. Check out the siteConnections Academy  site for more helpful online resources to help your child learn to read.

2.) The library is the most fundamental resource you have at your fingertips to help your child to read. In addition to summer reading programs that offer incentive-based summer reading programs. Ask the children’s librarian to guide you or your child to a book or series that would pique their interest. They can also identify summer reading lists appropriate to your child’s age and reading level.

3.) Get an audiobook to accompany the book that your child reads. This can help to model fluency for your child and increase their interest in the book as they follow along. This may take some monitoring on your part to be sure that they are following along in the book, however. Still it is a great way to engage children’s interest in a particular story.

4.) You can also make reading a social event in the house. For example the Department of Education suggests that you can all read as a family for 30 minutes every day, or you can all pass around the same book and read aloud from it. Having everyone involved can increase engagement and interest in reading for your child.
5.) Books that are of personal interest to your child are another important resource in your campaign to get your child to read. Don’t force them to read books they’re not interested in over the summer. When they read something they are interested in, encourage them to tell you what they read, what questions they have about it. Then they can do a follow-up project on it later if they wish to learn more about the topic of the book.

Winterizing Your Home?


As a home-owner, you need to really consider installing or replacing your air conditioning and home heating system. Doing this helps make your property relaxed. You’ll be able to keep your home cool in the summer and warm during the cold months. Whatever the season, an HVAC system can keep your home always comfy. It’s not enough that you’ve got a system. You must still check it repeatedly in order to stay away from problems.

Old HVAC systems might have a lot of dust and irritants that it will blow into the air when you switch them on. For that reason, it is recommended to service old systems. It will cut down the amount of particles, dirt, and allergens floating around your property. It makes your home healthy and enables you and your family to live on quietly.

Even though you don’t have bad allergy symptoms it’s still a good thing to get done. Fire might start from filled ducts. As soon as they begin to get hot from the heating system they might catch on fire and this is a primary cause of home fires. Washing them repeatedly is definitely advisable.

Many companies can do this for you personally and it will not cost you excessively. Investing in it is very important specifically that it’s for the basic safety of your property together with your loved ones. These types of companies also can restore HVAC systems, so that you don’t need to be concerned should your system must be repaired . Or if your system is old and requires to be replaced, the majority of HVAC companies can perform all the construction work to make that possible.

Also, you need to try to find an HVAC company that will check your system constantly to steer clear of any risk. Clogged tubes as well as those that have lint might start a fire. Ducts which are stopped up could get a fire. It is one of several reasons why homes are destroyed. If it has been a long time since your ducts were last cleaned, consider having them cleaned out at this point.

When you need an HVAC company, use the internet and utilize the web in hunting for a company in your area. It is recommended to choose one who does high quality work and will give you fantastic customer satisfaction.

The search engines can help you get the best company. You may even demand tips from family and friends. You may inquire further any queries you’ve got and request for a free estimate. An excellent company won’t think twice to present you an estimate without asking for any amount and will constantly satisfy your needs.


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Contractors – How To Find A Good One

Even though it may take more time and effort, finding a dependable home remodeling contractor will be well worth the wait. You need to find someone who understands what you want done, has the experience for the project, and will be honest with you each step of the way. These guidelines will help you in your search for a reputable contractor.

Think strategically when you start the process of hiring a home remodeling contractor. While they may be employed to do a very specific piece of work, understanding where this fits into the bigger picture will benefit both yourself and your contractor.

If there are certain portions of a contract you don’t understand, don’t sign it. You should never sign paper work that you aren’t aware of, you can ask the home remodeling contractor to explain it to you, but you should always have your legal reperesentative present when looking at contracts.

Your contract will need to outline many important things about your project. Take the time to set out a schedule, payment plan, and anything else that is critical to the successful completion of the project. Setting out these expectations right away will ensure that the right person is hired for the job.

You want to make sure that a contract will be both bonded and insured because this will prevent you from having to pay liability damages. Find if the home remodeling contractor has references and contact them directly to figure out how well the contractor worked and if the reference will hire them again and why.

Frequent and regular visits of the work site will ensure that the home remodeling contractor undertakes his duties as professionally as required of him. Daily time sheets of which an explanation of what was done during a certain day should be submitted to you regularly in order to assist you determine the competency of the contractor. You should also insist that the residential home remodeling contractor states his priorities and make sure he adjusts them to meet what you want.

When you have decided to start looking for a home remodeling contractor, take the time to go to some trade shows. These are fantastic places to go in order to meet and speak with many contractors all at once. Take the time to ask questions and meet as many residential home remodeling contractors that you can at these shows. This will help you in determining who to hire for your project.

Show each prospective home remodeling contractor an agreement which you draw up in advance to initial consultations. This way, you can compare bids for the same agreement. If a contractor wants to use his/her own agreement, ask for that to be provided with yours.

Be well informed. An informed person is much more likely to hire who they need and want. Even though you are not doing the work yourself, you need to know the steps to make sure things are going as planned.

As A Women, Can I Protect Myself With A Stun Gun?

women safety

 I could hardly sleep at night. I was going on vacation to Hawaii for the first time. The night just before my flight, I inspected my very own travel suitcase to find out if there was anything I had forgotten to bring along in my excitement, which was very likely. My brother Jack helped me out.

It appeared that I had packed all the things I would require, even my stun weapon. I took it out and held it up, grinning at Jack. I informed him I might overlook to bring other items, but this? Never. However, Jack scolded me for not being aware of anything at all concerning stun gun laws, or I would have known that stun guns are illegal within Hawaii.

I discovered they are considered “electric guns,” within Hawaii. It is illegal for anyone there, even an accredited manufacturer, importer or vendor, to own, sell, give or lend stun weapons. If the authorities locate one on you, they will take it, and the police chief will get rid of of it.

I never realized this particular law existed, of course. The trouble is that is no legal protection.

I found out that Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, District of Columbia, and also Rhode Island also ban stun guns. Wisconsin as well as Illinois allow them, yet with limitations.

Illinois stun gun purchasers, just like firearms buyers within that state, need to have firearms owner’s identification (FOID) cards and wait around 24 hours just before acquiring their weapons. Accredited traders perform criminal background checks on customers and need to keep the record of sale for 10 years just like they do with firearms acquisitions.

I found out that cities and counties such as Chicago, Annapolis, Baltimore (including Baltimore County), Howard county inside Maryland, Philadelphia and also New York City prohibit stun guns, also.

I left my very own stun weapon with Jack for safekeeping. I learned my lesson. In case you own a stun gun, you should know the stun gun laws inside your own place or anyplace you are heading before bringing it together with you. I am simply thankful I didn’t wind up learning my lesson the difficult way.


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So You Want To Go Solar? Here Are The Basics

solar-panels-by-flickr-user-chandra-marsono_100354257_mSolar energy systems take advantage of the sunlight’s radiation, a replenishable source of electricity that is offered in wealth to create electricity which in turn can be accustomeded to power up your tools like pcs, refrigerators and television among others. They capture the photons from sunshine and the solar cells change them in to electrical power. Irrespective of what may be the size of solar energy panels systems the same basic elements are required to electricity in a convenient and effortlessly available form. While solar panels are the heart of any type of solar electricity mechanism, it needs the complying with elements in conjugation to run perfectly. Hing on specific inclination one could either go with acquisition of various components independently or can purchase a solar panel system.

Solar Panels: Solar pv cells are generally composed of silicon alloys that convert the sunshine falling into direct present. Collection of photovoltaic cells adjacent to each other is encased in a stiff framework that together offsets a solar panel. The panels can either be ground placed or can be put in on roofs to make best use of the sunlight’ direct exposure. Depending upon your demand you could decide on the size of the system that can meet your properties average electrical power demands.

Roof Racking:.

Racking is a metal framework that is essentially affixeded to the roofing system to offer the proper reliability to the solar power panels. It also makes sure that the panels remain placed at the appropriate position to guarantee maximum sunshine strikes the panel. Racking is fastened to the roof covering with bolts and even sealed to stop any kind of leak.

Utility Meter & Grid:.

Energy meter is something that makes an indispensable part of your existing electrical device. Once your solar power panel device is effectively put in and linked, your utility meter will certainly offer the twin function – it not just keeps monitor quantity of the electrical power that you create in surplus of exactly what is consumed by you. The excess of electrical power produces is fed back in to the power grids making you credits in your electricity expenses.

Battery: solar panels begin creating energy from the initial day of installment. The energy generated is available for instant use. Nonetheless, to make certain undisturbed supply of power to residences and company enterprises on days when sun does not radiate or gloomy days, the electricity needs to be saved in to batteries. Several batteries can also be linked in line to guarantee that you do not lack power anytime in cases of emergency or unfavorable weather conditions.

Inverters: To make the electricity created by the solar electricity panels used by any tool, it has to first be transformed from direct present (DC) to rotating current (AC). Inverter is what exactly does the exact same thing. It attracts the DC power from the battery and improves it in to AC electricity before feeding to the power grids.

Tracking Gadget:.

The wireless monitoring gadget connected with your inverter displays the degree of energy produced by your device at any type of point of time, without even making you step beyond your property.


Buying Home Playgrounds

Parents and children alike recognize the value of play. The wish of parents is always to create the ideal playground which can be each complete and secure. There’s no better place to make such a playground than inside the backyard. However, to be in a position to attain the preferred goals without spending too much time and money, you’ll need to consider a couple of points while carrying out your research and installing playground equipment Brisbane. A swing, slide, see-saw, merry-go-round, the spider rider as well as the climber are some of the equipment you need to consider for the playground.

With regards to the playground equipment, your choice will probably be restricted by your objective and budget. Always make sure the equipment you are installing is relevant for your kids or target use.

* How to select equipment: The procedure of choosing the proper playground equipment can be daunting. There are many of them on the marketplace. Nothing daunting, making a couple of considerations could mitigate the quagmire.

* Size: The first factor you should think about is the size. The size of equipment will be determined by a number of things such as the age of kids who will be playing within the playground and also the size of your backyard or target field.

* Children: An additional important thing you need to think about will be the kids who you are building the playground for. The playground equipment  comes in various types. You need to consider the gender of your children. If you’re caring for physically challenged individuals, you need to bear this in mind when creating your choice.

* Budget: Your financial confines should by no means be ignored when purchasing playground equipment. Spending more than you are able to afford will definitely lead to problems. Before setting off to purchase the equipment, you should begin by defining your boundaries. Conduct a study to determine the average price of equipment and set a budget based on your confines. The best thing about having a budget is that it will compel you to evaluate and narrow down your search.

* Desired play activities: Lastly, you need to consider the desired play activities. This may greatly be dictated by the age of the kids. You need to also consider the number of children that your playground will probably be accommodating so as to purchase the right number of equipment. There are numerous other considerations you need to make when purchasing equipment. You should, nevertheless, make sure that the installation and maintenance costs won’t push you towards the wall. Think about the manufacturer’s specifications and choose the equipment that’s manageable for you personally.

* Find the best dealer: The key to creating the best choice on playground equipment  is choosing the very best dealer. In spite of a brand having garnered an excellent reputation, you must note that the dealer can easily compromise its quality. Usually consider the reputation of the dealer and look at the nature of consumer assistance service offered. Recommendations from people who have used the structures prior  might be useful.

Creating a playground inside your backyard could be the best present you can give to your child. The choice will not only please your child but also improve his or her well being.

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Food Allergies – A Parents’ Nightmare !

When your child has a food allergy, you have to take all the precautions you can to protect them. This includes discussing your child’s situation with their school. Clear and open communication with the school can help your child stay safe during the school day.

First, become as informed as you can about your child’s allergies, including the foods that cause it, the signs of an allergic reaction, how epinephrine can help, how to use an epi pen, and how your child might describe a reaction. Also find out how your school approaches food allergy management. They probably have a plan in place. Connect with a local food allergy support group where you can talk with other parents in the area.

Build a team at the school to share information about your child and to educate them about your child’s allergies. Make yourself available to answer questions and to address concerns. This might include cafeteria staff, maintenance staff, administration, nurses, teachers, coaches, parents, classmates, and transportation staff.

File a food allergy and anaphylaxis emergency care plan with your school. It provides an outline of what to do in case your child has an allergic reaction. It also includes phone numbers for emergency contacts. Your child’s doctor signs it. In case of an emergency, your child’s school will know to go right away to their file, look at that paper and can administer the correct medical care while they wait for emergency assistance.

You can also help reduce allergens in the classroom by talking with your child’s teacher about rules like not sharing or trading food, only allowing food items with labels to be come into the classroom (no home-baked cookies), providing snacks for the whole class so your child can eat what everyone else does, etc.

Finally, visit FoodAllergy.org for a helpful list of resources to help you discuss your child’s allergy with their school.

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New Math ? Working Parent – No Clue !

When your child comes home with math homework you don’t know how to do, you may feel like you should be the one back in school. You can still help your child with their homework even if you don’t think you can do the work. Here are some tips to get you started.

1.) Search the web for help. There are tons of free tutorials online to help kids – and parents – do math homework. Many of them are videos that can help you if you’re a more visual and/or auditory learner. Find a similar problem, and then try to solve the problems your child is doing the same way.

2.) Contact your child’s teacher if you are having trouble understanding the instructions. You may be able to schedule a time to come in and talk about the math lesson so that you can understand it better. You can also talk on the phone or email. Don’t be ashamed to ask the teacher for help. Teachers would much rather you take an interest in helping your child than to see your child not do well because they don’t understand it.

3.) Reach out to the teacher to see if they offer tutoring before or after school. Many teachers are happy to offer some extra help.

4.) Find a tutor for your child that can help them do their math homework. This might be an older student or perhaps a certified teacher with some extra time on their hands who is not currently teaching. Tutoring centers also offer structured homework help.

5.) Approach your child’s teacher to ask for more resources to understand the homework. You might ask to borrow another helpful textbook, for example.

6.) Read through any notes that your child took in class or that the teacher provided for extra clues on how to do the work.

7.) Contact the local library and the school to see if they offer free homework help. Many times, volunteer tutors will help your child for free in these locations.

8.) Send a note to the teacher to explain what, in particular, you and your child do not understand about a particular problem. The teacher can then respond with some guidance to help your child solve the problems, which can help you understand how to do it, too.

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My Son Grieves the Loss of His Mom – What About School?

When your child experiences a loss, the grieving process can take a toll on their school work and their relationships at school. If this occurs, it is important to communicate directly with the school about the situation so that personnel and teachers are better able to assist your child as they work through the difficult process of grieving.

While teachers are not grief counselors and may not understand much about how it proceeds, it is vital that you schedule a time to talk with your children’s teachers and the school principal to discuss what is going on. As soon as possible after the loss occurs, set an appointment with relevant faculty and administration members to explain the situation.

Let them know about the loss, about the relationship of the person/animal/object/situation lost with your child, and then explain the impact that the loss is having on your child. Talk about changes you expect to see in their behavior, changes that you have already seen, and discuss how you and teachers/administration will communicate about any changes that will occur at home and at school.

Invite the school counselor or psychologist to attend the meeting, if one is available at your school. This person will be more aware of the grief process than other staff members at the school and can help outline the stages to expect your child to go through. The counselor might also recommend regular sessions for your child to meet with them so that they can work through it with professional guidance. If they don’t suggest it, you can request it.

Stay in communication with the school about the situation, and provide regular updates. Ask teachers about ways to encourage your child to still do their work at home or if they can modify your student’s workload for a time while they adjust to life after the loss. Encourage your school to visit GrievingStudents.org for more information about to help students who are grieving.

Work with a grief professional who can help you help your child through the loss. This can make the process easier for you and your child to handle. You can get tools to help your child do well in school and suggestions to help teachers help your child.

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My Child is Muslim – The Teacher Is Biased

Discrimination from a teacher of any type makes it difficult for your child to succeed academically. If you are a member of a religious group, such as Islam, that your child’s teacher doesn’t seem to care for, you have some options to make sure your child is treated fairly at school.

1.) Document any discriminatory statements or actions that you witness or hear about from your child. Try to find out the particulars of the situation from others who saw or heard the incident occur if you are hearing the about it only from your child to ensure you have all the objective information you need. Take the documentation to your child’s school’s administration to see what they can do to help you.

2.) Request that your child be moved to a different classroom after you have documented the incidents. This might be a last resort if a meeting with the teacher and administration does not clear up any potential misunderstandings about a supposedly discriminatory statement or action.

3.) Talk to the teacher directly. Many times, having a frank discussion can be the key to breaking down barriers. Misconceptions and stereotypes are best dealt with in a calm, but clear manner.

4.) Talk to the school about having some sort of presentation, cultural/religious fair, or guest speaker that can help explain to students about your religion. Invite other religious groups to participate, and encourage staff, faculty, and students to get involved. Expand the program to include discussion about discrimination in general, why it is not okay, and what to do if students witness it.

5.) Encourage your child to talk with you about your religion, its beliefs, any discrimination or bullying they witness because of it (or because of any other reason, such as disability or skin color). This promotes open communication between you to help solve any potential problems with a biased teacher.

6.) Act on reports of religious discrimination immediately when you hear about them. Get other parents on board with you to demonstrate strength in numbers and a united front to combat religious intolerance in schools.

Your child deserves to attend school in a safe, peaceful environment, regardless of their religious beliefs, and, with decisive action to stop religious discrimination from teachers before it gets out of hand, you can protect your child and others like them

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