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 Welcome to the Warm and Tote blog.  Our articles will give you tools to help your family know more about education , health, food and more. 

Education – About Us

How awesome is it when parents and teachers lock arms for the sake of a child’s  education.  There are times when a parent feels like an outsider regarding school issues. There are times when the teacher feels like an enemy in the face of adversarial questioning  and accusations by parents,  The student is always in the middle.  We can work together,  for education’s sake –  ALL HANDS ON DECK !

You will want to visit Warm and Tote blog over and over again as you move through each new school year .  Why?  You’ll never know if we are addressing the same education issues that you are facing.  Check us out, check back regularly and stay connected!!


Cauliflower Is Very Beneficial To Our Health

Cauliflower is very beneficial to our health.  For starters; it improves healthy cell growth and assists in healthy cholesterol levels. It reduces cancer risk and purifies blood. Cauliflower is an anti-oxidant, which fights inflammation, brain disorders and balances hormones. Anti- Cancer and Cauliflower Cauliflower contains glucosinolates.  Glucosinolates break down in organically active compounds to prevent cancer cells …

The Benefits of Carrots

Carrots have many benefits above and beyond just giving us better vision.  Here are some important benefits that will surprise you. Your Skin and Carrots Carrots add a great benefit to your skin because it has vitamin A and C .  Vitamin A gives the skin protection against sun damage.  If you have dry wrinkly skin the vitamin …

Government Shut Down – Where to Get Help

Government shut downs are never easy.  The result of a government shutdown can be even worse. This article serves to shed light on what the government shutdown means for you . The end of this article contains links to help people find financial help, if needed. Continuing Resolution in a government shut down A continuing resolution is …