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Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil – Bone Loss and the Brain

The benefits of coconut oil are substantial.  Not only does it taste awesome but it is excellent for; the brain, clearing head lice, the testosterone, reducing swollen prostate, bone health and more, The Brain Coconut oil contains MCT which stands for medium chain triglycerides.  MCT is comprised of fatty acids. According to a study published in the Journal …

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Coeliac Disease Symptoms

Coeliac Disease Symptoms – Facts

Coeliac Coeliac Disease Symptoms – In the small intestines are villi, tiny hair like objects that project from the intestine wall.  Because the villi are responsible for absorbing fluids and nutrients, they perform a very, very important task.  When the villi do not perform their job, the body cannot get all the essential nutrients it …

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Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptoms – Signs You Might Want To Know

When your red blood cell count is too low, your body does not receive the oxygen it requires.  As a result , you may show the typical symptoms of iron and anemia deficiency – excessive fatigue, easy loss of breath, pallor – and your resistance to infections may be lowered. Anemia may be the direct …

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Candida albicans

Candida Albicans – Symptoms and Treatment

As many as 80 million people may suffer from disorders by Candida albicans, a yeast that lives in all our bodies.  Normal levels of the yeast cause no problems, but when abnormal growth pushes the level of Candida albicans higher, disorders can result; for example , oral thrush in children and vaginitis in women. When …

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sorrowful black man touching head in dismay near supporting wife

Depression – Can I Get Over It? Get Self Help

Perhaps as many as 90 percent of all physical problems have psychological roots at their source.  Below are some self help suggestions to deal with depression. “Clinical observations … suggest that the onset and progress of many diseases – diabetes, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and cancer among them – are influenced by the psychological state …

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