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Should You Watch The News?

Should you watch the news every day ?  News about today’s politics, scandals, disasters , economic problems, and the stock market conditions all give us a sense of anxiety.  This is an important reason why we should stop watching, reading and listening to the news every day.


Moreover, some research suggests that the ratio of bad news to good news on major news media is 9:1. This means that every time you watch the news you are consuming a large share of pessimism. As a result, this contaminates your thoughts. These thoughts can act as magnets attracting negative circumstances. Instead of listening to bad news why not make a conscious effort to listen to good news.  Dailygood.org shares awesome news .  It is inspiring  and uplifting news.  This kind of news attracts good thoughts and good feelings.

Reality and the News

On the other hand, you might believe that not watching the news is ignoring reality.  It is disturbing to suppose that our news depicts reality, mostly bad with little good.  Case in point, some older seniors watch the news all day.  They are consumed with violence, assaults, and robberies. It is understandable that they become horrified to leave the house. These fears are fathomable, but they are not based on a true reality.

Intense news consumption can cause you to have a victim mentality.  Who wants to live in a world filled with danger, believing that everyone you meet is a potentially dangerous person.

Occasional news viewing enlightens and keeps us in the know.  However, constant devotion to media can wreak havoc on our inner peace.

Beyond Our Ability

The negative issues portrayed in the news, generally speaking, is beyond our ability to change. We may be able to influence those issues through prayer, through the power to vote, or to write a persuasive letter. However, on a day to day basis, the ability to solve those problems are out of our reach.  Your ability to generate positive energy is better served by unraveling the problems in your own circumstances.

For instance, moving towards your personal goals demands positive energy and can be paralyzed by outside interruption. Digesting constant negative news that you cannot resolve can disrupt your personal goals.

Assuming you are around other people all day you would most likely hear important news, if you needed it, through the grapevine.  That’s what people do.  Additionally, if you need to find information there is always the internet.

Change your thoughts and you change your world

-Norman Vincent Peale

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