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The Legend Heated Meal Tote


Waterproof & Rugged

Washable with a clean towel and soap. Strong construction.

Temperature Controlled

Patented thermal-retention lunch system keeps food cold or warm for hours. Keeps meals cold up to 10 hours

Keeps Food Warm

Up to 5 hours

Environment Friendly

Our bag is made entirely of biodegradable and non- toxic materials, keeping nature healthy

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Convenient, rugged, no plugs, no wires, no boiling, Excellent for hot or cold meals on-the-go

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Temperature Controlled Meal System

Superb insulation, recycling temperatures, hot or cold throughout the tote for maximum performance. ..

Save Money

Pays for itself in one week

Send A Little Love From Home

Your family will enjoy home cooked meals on-the go

Green Product

Our materials and production processes are emission free, keeping families healthy


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