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ADHD suggestions

ADHD: Any solutions?

ADHD or attention deficit disorder is a condition effecting young school aged children, especially boys. Most importantly, children with this condition are unable to control their behavior and lack the ability to pay attention.  Estimates show that 3-5 percent of children have ADHD.  ADHD is a commonly diagnosed childhood behavior..  It usually extends into adult life and causes …

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are you aware your child may not be safe

Government Laws Are About To Change: Your Child’s Safety May Be At Risk

Government Laws are about to change., your child’s safety may be at risk. Did you know that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted on college campuses? At this moment, under federal regulation Title IX,  all educational institutions must recognize sexual harassment or assaults that may occur on national campuses .  As …

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Mark it up

Pre-Reading Activities – Predictions

Pre-reading activities – Mark it Up!  Your child’s reading tests require more than scribbling in a,b,c, or d answers on an answer sheet .  Today’s reading exams require even the youngest of children, to think analyze and explain their thinking.  Amazing right?   It’s unbelievable.  I am dating myself, but I remember the old school SRA reading tests.  You read a snippet …

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Guided Reading Activities

Guided Reading Activities – Problem and Solution

How do you teach your children to pass a reading test? Use guided reading activities! A reading test can prove difficult.  Reading comprehension is a major component and the foundation of a good reader.  When a good reader starts to read, the brain begins to think, imagine, and illustrate , the connections of ideas in a …

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