Benefits of Vitamin C

What Does Vitamin C Do For Your Body?

The benefits of vitamin C are numerous.  Vitamin C is classified as an essential vitamin.  This means that vitamin C is not produced by our bodies.  However, you can get vitamin C from several foods.  These foods contain vitamin C:   bell peppers, kale, broccoli, kiwi, spinach and oranges.  So, what does vitamin C do for your body?

Antioxidant and Vitamin C

Vitamin C protects the body by supporting the immune system.  For example, vitamin C destroys the body’s free radicals.  When free radicals buildup in the body they cause oxidative stress.  As a result, oxidative stress can expose the body to many chronic diseases. 

Vitamin C clearly keeps our bodies healthy.

Blood Pressure and Vitamin C

Vitamin C diminishes the pressure in and around blood vessels.  Subsequently, when pressure builds around our blood vessels, high blood pressure is imminent.   Consequently, High blood pressure leads to a heart attack.  Adults with high blood pressure would benefit from taking a vitamin C supplement.  However, vitamin C alone will not eliminate high pressure, but it will absolutely help.

Iron Absorption and Vitamin C

Iron is a vital nutrient for our bodies. Most importantly, iron creates red blood cells.  Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout our body.  Vitamin C aids red blood cells by changing iron into an easier form for the body to absorb. Likewise, ingest 100 mg of vitamin C and you can enhance your iron absorption by 67%.

In addition, vitamin C is critical for reducing anemia or iron deficiency.

White Blood Cells

As mentioned above vitamin C boosts the immune system.  In addition, by assisting in our body’s white blood cell production this process also eradicates free radicals.  On the other hand,,people who experience pneumonia  as a rule, suffer from vitamin C deficiency.  In this case, taking vitamin C will escalate recovery time.

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