So you want to go solar

So You Want To Go Solar? Here Are The Basics

Solar energy systems take advantage of the sunlight’s radiation. Solar power is  a renewable electricity source.  It is also able  to create electricity to   power up such tools as, PCs, refrigerators and television among other things. Solar energy captures the photons from sunshine while cells change photons into electrical power. Whatever the size of the energy panel system, the same basic elements create electricity in a convenient form. Generally speaking, solar panels are the heart of any type of solar electricity mechanism, so they need to comply with elements to run perfectly. You can either go with various independent components or purchase a solar panel system.

Solar Panels

Solar PV cells, composed of silicon alloys, convert sunshine  into direct present (DC). A collection of photovoltaic cells adjacent to each other  encase into a stiff framework .  Together they  offset a solar panel. The panels can either be ground placed or  placed on roofs to make the best use of the direct sunlight’s exposure. Depending on your need you could decide on the size of the system that will meet your property’s average electrical power demands.

Roof Racking

Racking, a metal framework, affixes to the roofing system. It offers the proper compatibility to the solar power panel. It also  ensures that the panels remain intact at the appropriate position to guarantee maximum sunshine reflection. Racking fastens to the roof covering with bolts and sealed to stop any kind of leak.

Utility Meter & Grid

An energy meter is an indispensable part of your existing electrical device. Once your solar power panel device is placed and linked the utility meter offers a twin function.   It doesn’t just measure surplus electrical power but also your exact consumption. Excess electrical power is fed back into the power grids.  Consequently you receive electricity credits .


Solar panels begin creating energy from the initial  installment. The generated energy is available for instant use.  However,  unused power for residences and companies needs to be saved to batteries when the sun does not radiate, Several batteries are linked to guarantee that you do not lack power  in case of emergency or unfavorable weather conditions.


Solar electricity transforms from direct present (DC) to the rotating current (AC). The inverter  does the exact same thing, because It attracts the DC power from the battery and transfers it to AC electricity before feeding to the power grids.

Tracking Gadget

The wireless monitoring gadget connected to your inverter displays the amount of energy produced by your device at any point in time.

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