Save Money Maintaining Your Home

Save Money Maintaining Your Home

Buying a home unlike a car will appreciate over the years, therefore that’s what makes it such a good investment. Imagine buying a home for $150,000 and after two years the home is now worth $160,000.  Your investment increased by $10,000.  That’s $10,000 in your pocket or equity that you can take out in case of any emergency. That’s no too shabby, however, buying a home and maintaining a home can also be costly. There are repairs and maintenance to owning a home. If you were to use professionals or grab popular chemical products off the shelves it could be expensive.  Here are some ways that you can help you cut maintenance and repair costs for your home while helping you save money maintaining your home. 


Yes, Coca Cola, the all American favorite soda.  Coca -Cola is similar to your average acidic cleaner, yet, it is much less expensive.  The amount of acid in Coca-Cola is enough to erode the enamel of your teeth.  It is also enough to use for these household nuances:

  • Remove stubborn stains from clothing, and fabrics.  
  • Make that nasty toilet ring disappear  
  • clean the grout around the tiles in your floor.  Pour Coca-Cola on the tiles, wait a few minutes and wipe.
  • Clean marker stains from your rug.  Pour Coca-Cola, scrub a little and wipe clean with soapy water
  • Wash your windows, using a Coca-Cola soaked cloth rub your windows and wipe clean with water


Vinegar is great for many, many things.  Among them is the ability to clean your carpets of red wine, coffee or anything else. Instead of using expensive chemical alternatives available on the market, vinegar is easy and cheaper to use.   It works much better than using a soap-soaked rag to clean the mess.   Using a spray bottle of vinegar, soak the stain for a few minutes and blot carefully to get the stain out. This can save you lots of money maintaining your home.

Home Repairs

Home repairs can be costly. There is a way to pay for home repairs without actually paying out of your pocket.  There are many things that break over the years, washing machines, AC , appliances, roofs, heaters and more.  This could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars when you don’t have it. Look into a Home Warranty program.  Click here for more information .  You can save money using this program because either the warranty program can fix your issues or if not, replacement is the answer. Having a warranty can greatly help you save money maintaining your home.

Carpet Dents

Have you ever moved furniture after many years and found what looks like dents in your rug?  These could be early signs of wear and tear if not fixed.  Wear and tear could mean replacement, consequently, replacement that could be costly.  This can be fixed with one simple thing in your kitchen.  Take an ice cube place it on the dents.  The ice will turn into a puddle of water meanwhile you will fluff up the carpet while it’s wet. This will save you lots of money from buying a new carpet before it’s too late.

Cleaning Grungy Tubs

When dirt and grime build up in your tub, the fix can be painstaking.  For this job you can use a drill with a polishing ball attachment.  You can find the attachment at any auto supply store. Use the drill with the polishing ball rotation to clean spotless.  If you do go to the auto supply store buy a bottle of windshield rain repellant.  Use this on the glass doors and shower walls. This will act as a prevention against buildup as well as save you money maintaining your home.

Cleaning Your Microwave

Microwaves can become yucky over time and smell. The spills can take scrubbing for hours before it comes off.  Here is an easy way to clean your microwave.  Take a microwaveable bowl of ½ water and ½ vinegar.  Place it in the microwave and microwave for a few minutes. Don’t take it out.  Let the bowl steam.  The steam will break down the caked on dirt and you will be able to wipe it clean without scrubbing.  

If your microwave is smelly use the same method with baking soda.  Use ½ water and ½ baking soda.  Microwave for a couple of minutes and let it steam and wipe clean.

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

Do you remember Kool Aid? Well, Kool-Aid will clean that ring around the bowl overnight.  Choose the lemon or orange Kool Aid.  Use one packet.  Sprinkle the Kool-Aid into the toilet bowl and let it sit overnight.  The next day, flush and the unsightly ring is gone.

Cleaning Your Mattress

Even the best mattress will trap dead skin cells, dust, sweat and smells.  Mix a jar of baking soda and a few drops of essential oils. Use Lavender if possible because it is a relaxing, sleep inducing oil.  After shaking the bottle pour the mixture on your mattress.   Let it sit for an hour, then, vacuum your mattress.  This will provide a healthy sleep area for you and your family.

These are just some ideas to help you save you money maintaining your home.

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