RRemoving Lice From the Hair

Removing Lice In a Few Easy Steps


Removing Lice From the Hair , Quick and Easy !


Removing lice can be done quickly and efficiently. Head lice are unfortunately very common which means that most people will catch them at some point, usually as a child. These insects spread by crawling from one person’s hair to another’s.  It is no surprise they are most common amongst children who often play with their heads touching. Knowing how to deal with head lice removal is therefore important as infestations occur frequently in school children, their friends and families.

Difficult to remove?

Some people may think that removal is a difficult task.  It can be easy for children’s hair to become re-infested if their family or friends have not been treated. Head lice have also shown some resistance to traditional insecticides. However, there are ways around these problems.

Once these pests have been detected it is important to deal with the problem promptly. Pharmacists recommend a lotion to apply to the hair and scalp in order to kill the lice. The newer lotions are silicone and oil-based and have a physical effect (they work by smothering) rather than a chemical one like the traditional lotions. Scientists hope that the pests are unable to become resistant to these newer lotions.


If someone has any other medical condition, a health-care professional should be seen before using any lotion. Likewise, babies or pregnant women should not be treated before seeking professional advice.

Different lotions come with different instructions, which need close attention.  For example, the lotion may not work if left on for the wrong period of time. Some lotions should be left on the head for several minutes but others need to be left up to eight hours to work. Often, lotions need to be applied again after a week, but some of the newest lotions have a one-off application for removing lice from the hair.

If one member of a household has nits, as they are sometimes known as, the whole family should be treated.  Therefore towels, sheets, pillowcases and clothes need to be laundered in order to remove any stray pests. It is also important to tell a child’s school.  Ideally, the school will send a letter  advising parents to check for parasites, to try to prevent treated children from catching them again. African American hair is less likely to become re-infested than loose hair.

Wet Comb Process

A natural way to removing lice from the hair is by wet combing with a fine-toothed comb.  These combs can be purchased at pharmacies. Lots of conditioner needs to be used after washing and rinsing the hair, and the hair is then combed. After every stroke, wiping with tissue paper or rinsing the comb in a container of warm water will remove any pests. It is important not to miss any sections of hair .  Repeat every few days until not a single louse is found. This is a good treatment for people sensitive to medicated lotions or desiring a more natural treatment . However it is obviously more time-consuming, especially for those with lots of thick, long, curly or difficult to comb hair.

Catching nits is very common and it can be itchy, uncomfortable and embarrassing. If not dealt with promptly, they can multiply quite quickly making them more difficult to remove, so it’s important to know how to deal with head lice removal in order to act quickly if the need arises.


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