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A Teacher’s Job Is Easy?

Teachers today have it pretty easy. Their students are typically all in the same grade level, and they get to teach with more support and tools than ever before. They even get to teach in the air conditioning and in buildings with decent heating (in most schools).  This  is something teachers a few decades ago could only dream about. The technical and logistical aspects of a teacher’s day seem better than they were years ago.  However,   there are still some significant challenges that you might not see from the outside looking in.

Keep Lunch Warm Legend Heated Lunch box


First, teachers’ can’t go to the restroom whenever they want. You can’t just leave your classroom of twenty or more kids unattended when you need to make use of the facilities. You have to get on the walkie-talkie, or intercom, cell phone, or whatever device you have to use to call administration or a nice teacher’s aide to watch your class for you for a few minutes. Then you have to wait for someone to actually be available and come to your classroom. . 

Class Size

Additionally, classrooms can be crowded, or they can be overcrowded. You don’t always have the right number of textbooks, desks, or the proper number of personal square feet for each one. Having that many students just highlights the fact that they are not on level for each subject. There are also different learning styles, preferences, reading levels, English language learner support,  intervention support schedules and tools, individualized education plan meetings and paperwork. . .

The Other Side

Teaching isn’t all about reading, writing, and arithmetic. It’s about;  juggling before- and after-school meetings, planning times, time to scarf down lunch, grading that follows you home, coaching after-school clubs, and dealing with a whole host of problems that parents and the wider community may not see.

Help ?

So the next time you see a teacher you know, you might ask how you could help. Could you come in and read with a struggling reader one day? Could you cut out lamination at home for the teacher? Can you make some phone calls to other parents to organize a field trip? Some help would probably be really appreciated and help the whole class of students succeed.


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