Why the Download?

The Importance of the Download

What is the big deal about supporting black business? We have the freedom to shop wherever we choose right? We can shop at Walmart. We can choose convenience and shop at Amazon.  History reveals there was a time African Americans did not have the privilege of choosing where they could shop. Now that African Americans have the privilege to shop anywhere they want, why shop black?


Diverse communities around the U.S. purposely choose to invest their hard-earned paychecks in business relationships’ that serve their community, grocery stores, entertainment, marketing services, barber shops, beauty shops, etc.  These businesses then invest right back into the community with college scholarships, health services, youth programs and various other community initiatives. This investment reaps a decent return!


Recycling money in this way produces a perpetual economy and builds a strong community. An economy with a rigid backbone to pass on legacy to the next generation.  Tulsa was not fiction. It was a sign of things to come, a template to recreate. It was a well-oiled machine that sustained an economically strong, self-sufficient community with a curtailed potential to pass on legacy. It built leaders, movers, and shakers.

This app puts multiple licensed Divine Nine vendors and online black-owned businesses on your phone,  for your shopping  convenience.


So why download this app? Why buy black? . .Consider the human good.



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