The Benefits of Carrots

Carrots have many benefits above and beyond just giving us better vision.  Here are some important benefits that will surprise you.

Your Skin and Carrots

Carrots add a great benefit to your skin because it has vitamin A and C .  Vitamin A gives the skin protection against sun damage.  If you have dry wrinkly skin the vitamin C in carrots can prevent wrinkles and give your skin  a beautiful radiance.  Carrots also help prevent dry hair and nails.

Facial Recipe

Grind two carrots into a paste.  
Add honey and use the paste as a face mask. 

Wait until it dries before removing and wash with warm water.

Anti-Aging and Carrots

Carrots have beta-carotene which acts as an antioxidant. Beta-carotene slows down cell damage and therefore slows down the aging process.  

Carrots as an Antiseptic

Carrots contain anti-septic properties. Use raw shredded, boiled or mashed carrots on cuts to prevent infection.

Anti -Cancer and Carrots

The antioxidants and beta carotene in carrots are critical in the prevention of cancer.  A study shows that smokers who eat carrots at least once a week reduce their risk of lung cancer.  However, a smoker who does not eat carrots at all have 3x the risk for cancer.

Dental Health and Carrots

As mentioned earlier carrots have anti- septic properties.  This is important for your dental health.  Eating carrots helps keep your mouth and teeth germ free.  Chewing a carrot not only cleans your teeth but also strengthens your teeth. Fiber is another property of carrots. Therefore, the fiber and the carrot’s hard crusty surface can get rid of plaque around the teeth.

Your Heart and Carrots

Carrot’s anti-oxidant and carotene properties fight cholesterol.  Cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease.  High tension in blood vessels and arteries can cause blood circulation to stop.  Consequently, this causes stress on the cardiovascular system. The potassium in carrots comforts the tension and increases artery blood flow.  Hence, carrots can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, make carrots a daily part of your diet.

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