Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil – Bone Loss and the Brain

The benefits of coconut oil are substantial.  Not only does it taste awesome but it is excellent for; the brain, clearing head lice, the testosterone, reducing swollen prostate, bone health and more, The Brain Coconut oil contains MCT which stands for medium chain triglycerides.  MCT is comprised of fatty acids. According to a study published in the Journal …

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the benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss and Health Benefits

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is an excellent home remedy and should be used for many our health challenges. Apple Cider Vinegar; controls our blood sugar, prevents colds, helps with weight loss, and eliminates dandruff and acne.  Just a small dose with water does wonders. There are different types of vinegar, but this writing is limited …

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Diet and Weight Management

Diet and Weight Control

Latest studies show that in spite of a diet containing large amounts of butter and fat, the French have a 63 percent smaller chance of having heart attacks than Americans. However, their high consumption of wine is a contributing factor to this trend.  In addition, the French also consume less sugar than Americans. The Right Diet …

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Unripe Eggs  A cause of infertility could be polycystic ovarian disease, a condition where the ovary produces many eggs, but none of them ripen. Acupuncture Aids Fertilization In cases of infertility when standard procedures fail, acupuncture is often effective. Sperm Allergy An allergy to her partner’s sperm may be the cause of a woman’s infertility.  However, …

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Diet For Arthritis

Preserving the Cartilage Osteoarthritis in the joints causes the drying up of the synovial fluid.  As a result, the cartilage wears out from this lack of lubrication and causes the ends of the bones to rub together. Consequently, this leads to severe pain and inflammation.  On the other hand, this process slows down by adding essential fatty …

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