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Published Pages is a customized publication of your student’s favorite writing or story. It  is a hardcover bound book complete with title page, dedication page, illustration boxes and an all about the author page. Writers fill in the pages with their final draft.  Published Pages is distinguished by grade levels K-1,, 2, 3 and 4.  Each grade level  has grade appropriate writing pages. The difference between each grade level  book is the amount of pages, the size between the  lines and the picture box size.

How It Works

After your student completes the writing process: rough draft – final copy, they will transfer their story into this book.  Next, they will illustrate their book using colored pencils .

Finally, students will have a published book of their story.  They are the author and illustrator. Additionally, parents enjoy a keep sake of their child’s writing from year to year!!!

Teachers  can extend learning by  leading your authors in a book tour.  Your students can read their books aloud to their classmates and even other classes. Teach across the curriculum by developing a schedule.  Using a schedule complete with times and dates,  students can learn time by managing their tour.


If a student writes a lot compared to their  grade level,  you can purchase a book at a higher grade level for more writing space.

You can order for a small group of writers or for a whole class of writers.  The choice is yours.  PLEASE  TAKE CAUTION TO ORDER THE RIGHT GRADE LEVEL

The price reflects the cost per book. Please allow lead time of 14 business days for customization and shipping.

Happy Publishing !



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