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Cold/Hot Beverage Wrap


  • 1 Portable non-toxic Cold/Hot Turbo Pack
  • 1 insulation wrap

Carrying cold drinks to the beach, park or elsewhere?  You most likely will need a cooler with lots of ice.  When the ice melts you will grit your teeth as your hand swims through cold hard or melted ice to find your drink .  Or you can grab your drink from your personal bag,  wrapped in the Hot/Cold Wrap – no ice , no dripping slushy water,


The Turbo-Pack is placed in your refrigerator until you’re ready to use it.  With your hand, open up a space in the middle of the cold wrap, place your soda, water , wine bottle etc into the Kool Wrap until it sits nicely to your perfection.  Twist to make sure it fits perfectly.  Close the ties to keep the cold in. You can drink or pour directly from the Kool Wrap as it remains cold to the last drop.

Lay your unopened drink in the hot/cold wrap at the bottom of your lunch purse and place your favorite salad on top. Close your purse and everything stays cold until ready to use.



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