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 Welcome to the Warm and Tote blog.  Our articles will give you tools to help your family know more about education , health, food and more. 

Education – About Us

How awesome is it when parents and teachers lock arms for the sake of a child’s  education.  There are times when a parent feels like an outsider regarding school issues. There are times when the teacher feels like an enemy in the face of adversarial questioning  and accusations by parents,  The student is always in the middle.  We can work together,  for education’s sake –  ALL HANDS ON DECK !

You will want to visit Warm and Tote blog over and over again as you move through each new school year .  Why?  You’ll never know if we are addressing the same education issues that you are facing.  Check us out, check back regularly and stay connected!!


ADHD: Suggestions

ADHD or attention deficit disorder is a condition effecting young school aged children, especially boys. Most importantly, children with this condition are unable to control their behavior and lack the ability to pay attention.  Estimates show that 3-5 percent of children have ADHD.  ADHD is a commonly diagnosed childhood behavior..  It usually extends into adult life and causes …

Vinegar: An Excellent Home Remedy

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is an excellent home remedy and should be used for many our health challenges. Apple Cider Vinegar; controls our blood sugar, prevents colds, helps with weight loss, and eliminates dandruff and acne.  Just a small dose with water does wonders. There are different types of vinegar, but this writing is limited …

Melatonin: A Helpful Hormone

Melatonin is a helpful hormone, produced in the pineal gland. Generally speaking , it is the natural sleeping solution.  However, there are more benefits to this hormone that can support your health and well being. Heartburn Melatonin has the remarkable ability to subdue stomach acid and consequently guard the esophagus. This process prevents the effects of gastric …