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 Welcome to the Warm and Tote blog.  Our articles will give you tools to help your children succeed in school. Check out  our Heated Lunch Box video !

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How awesome is it when parents and teachers lock arms for the sake of a child’s  education.  There are times when a parent feels like an outsider regarding school issues. There are times when the teacher feels like an enemy in the face of adversarial questioning  and accusations by parents,  The student is always in the middle.  We can work together –  ALL HANDS ON DECK !

You will want to visit Warm and Tote blog over and over again as you move through each new school year .  Why?  You’ll never know if we are addressing the same issue that you are facing.  Check us out, check back regularly and stay connected!!



Mark It Up ! Making Predictions

Mark it Up!  Your child’s reading tests require more than scribbling in an answer sheet the  a,b,c, or d answer.  Today’s reading exams require even the youngest of children, to think analyze and explain their thinking.  Amazing right?   It’s unbelievable.  I am dating myself, but I remember the old school SRA reading tests.  You read a snippet of a story and you …

Children Can Pass A Reading Test -Problem and Solution

 Part 3 A reading test can prove difficult.   Part 1  and Part 2 of  “Children Can Pass Reading Tests”,  details the importance of reading comprehension. As explained, reading comprehension is a major component of reading.  When a good reader starts to read, the brain begins to think, imagine, and illustrate , the connections of ideas in a story. Those …

Children Can Pass A Reading Test -The Characters

Part 2 What’s In A Reading Test? A reading test  almost always requires that the reader answer questions about the characters in a fictional story.  A good fiction story gives its characters animated and sometimes exaggerated personalities. In a reading test a reader should be able to recognize and analyze those personalities and answer questions …