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Warm and Tote LLC was established in 1997 by my husband and I , Glenn and Linda Page.  Glenn, a middle school science teacher, embraced the science of thermal dynamics and harnessed the concept of “temperature control” by developing a product that carries hot or cold meals portably.   In 1998  we were granted a U.S. patent for a portable “heated lunch tote” . 

The heated lunch tote concept was designed out of a need to help parents of children with autism. As teachers, we  worked very closely with many parents. This product helped parents with children on the spectrum by providing their kids with warm meals, or just their favorite meals, while away from home.  For the kids this was a God sent.  It created a smooth transition from home to school. For working parents it was security that their child would have a good school day. The word spread among other school parents who later discovered their kids wanted more than just a sandwich for lunch.  We never knew that our business would service the school community  for 27 years.

 In 2020 when COVID hit and schools shut down, Warm and Tote like many other businesses suffered a huge loss in sales.   In an effort to stay afloat Warm and Tote had to pivot. As a Soror of the Greek community I decided to shift the concept of the heated lunch totes to appeal to busy adults, like my Golden Sorors,  who work and attend meetings ,conventions, travel and have to stick to their restricted diets, like diabetes, salt free diets, low fat diets etc.  I named this new collection L.Y.N.A.Y. Bags which is an acronym for Love Your Neighbor As Yourself .  A value we strive to live by as God’s people and as business owners. 

 One thing we learned through this journey was that whenever obstacles block your path, especially when you choose to be of service to others, another way will always open up, if you don’t give up !

We hope you enjoy our products !!

 , l

Soror Linda P.

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