Most Frequently Asked Questions

“Supporting a Black-Owned Business is more than a sale… It demands creating a community of loyal customers, so the business can scale…”



Q: Do you receive fees from business sales?

A: No. The JustUs App is an advertising publishing platform . We charge for ad space only (except for the current promotion).  We do not receive any other fees.


Q: Do you ship for businesses?

A: No.JustUs App is an advertising platform platform only.  All business is directed to and the responsibility of the advertising business.


Q: How much traffic is on the app ?

A: JustUs is a private  app and shared with strategic partnerships at various exclusive D-9 events. We do not share this data except to guarantee it is shared with Divine Nine members only.    


Q: Can I create a free ad if I do not have a website?

A: No. A business must have a website and be able to ship products nationally to create an ad on the JustUs App.



Q: Are the promotional ads really free?

A: Promotional ad space is free of charge as long as the App exists.  There is never a charge for the promotional ad space. When the promotion ends, there will be a monthly charge to create an ad.


Q: How do I sign up?

A:  Click here


Q: How do I create an ad?

A:Business owners need to register first and you will be led to the section to create an ad.


Q: Can I change my ad ?

A; You can change your ad at any time, however, edits need to be approved before they are published



Q: Can I cancel my ad ?

A: Yes. You may cancel your ad at anytime, whether it is a promo or paid ad.  There are no commitments.


 Q: Can any business place an ad on this platform?

A: No.JustUs app is for businesses licensed with the Divine Nine Organizations to sell Greek paraphernalia only and who have been invited to participate. Proof of license is required.




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