About the App

Why an  App?? 

The E-Marketer graph above shows recent data about the use of apps. Results show that the ratio of website use to app use is 4:11. In other words, people use apps 2.75 times more than they use websites. That means , with an app, you stand to  increase your sales without effecting your burn rate.


People are on their phones around the clock and apps are a time saving , convenience for buyers. Apps also create a safe, secure,  personal shopping experience for perspective customers. 


The JustUs App is founded and developed by Marie Page, Soror of the Divine Nine and CEO of Warm and Tote LLC. JustUs App is a subsidiary of Warm and Tote LLC and is created to provide a digital space for Divine Nine licensed entrepreneurs and black-owned business .


Ms. Page’s in depth experience in technology as a developer and designer includes serving as Technology Chair for her chapter, creating her chapter’s Black Business Directory and Vendors Digital Marketplace platform, building a website for the Black Women’s Education Alliance (MONTCO) and  the NPHC-Sepa Digital Marketplace platform . She was also awarded the William “Fox” Jones President’s Award for her work with the NPHC-Sepa Digital Marketplace



If you any questions regarding the JustUs App promotion please drop us an email.

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