“Supporting a Black-Owned Business is more than a sale… It requires access to cost-effective, targeted marketing tools, so it can scale…”

About Us

Why an  App?? 

The E-Marketer graph above shows recent data about the use of apps. Results show that the ratio of website use to app use is 4:11. In other words, people use apps 2.75 times more than they use websites. That means , with an app, you stand to  increase your sales without effecting your burn rate.


People are on their phones around the clock and apps are a time saving , convenience for buyers. Apps also create a safe, secure,  personal shopping experience for perspective customers. 


The JustUs App is founded and developed by Marie Page, CEO of Warm and Tote LLC. JustUs App is a subsidiary of Warm and Tote LLC and is created to provide a digital space for Divine Nine licensed entrepreneurs .


Ms. Page’s in depth experience in technology as a developer and designer includes serving as Technology Chair for her chapter, creating her chapter’s Black Business Directory and Vendors Digital Marketplace platform, building a website for the Black Women’s Education Alliance (MONTCO) and  the NPHC-Sepa Digital Marketplace platform  .



If you any questions regarding the JustUs App promotion please drop us an email.

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