Middle Eastern Tomato Soup

Best Comfort Foods to Pack On The Go – Middle Eastern Tomato Soup

Middle Eastern Tomato Soup – hot lunch recipe wagon presents a hot lunch you can take to work or school.  Our recipes are quick, easy and less than 30 minutes to cook.  Cook our recipes the night before, refrigerate and reheat the next day.  Or, on the other hand, you can cook our meals and freeze them for next week’s lunch.  Our special today is Middle Eastern Tomato Soup

HOT LUNCH RECIPE WAGON: Middle Eastern Tomato Soup

Be sure to use Bulgur not uncooked cracked wheat, to make this easy soup, since Bulgur cooks relatively quickly. Mixed greens and toasted pita bread natural accompaniments.

1 tablespoon olive oil

½ cup bulgur

1 small zucchini, julienned

2 teaspoons dried mint crumbled

1 one green onion, julienned

2 pita bread, toasted and cut into six triangles each

4 cups canned reduced sodium chicken broth

2 large ripe tomatoes (about one pound), skinned and chopped (for one16 announce canned chopped tomatoes, drained)

In a medium size pan, heat oil over moderate heat. Include zucchini and sauté for two minutes. Add bulgur and stir to coat with oil. Include broth and mint; Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat. Cover, and simmer for five minutes.

Stir chopped tomatoes into the Bulger mixture. Cover the pan and simmer the mixture five more minutes. Serve the soup garnished with onion and with toasted pita triangles on the side.

Keep Lunch Warm Legend Heated Lunch box

You can carry your hot lunch in a heated lunch tote.


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