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Government Shut Down – Where to Get Help

Government shut downs are never easy.  The result of a government shutdown can be even worse. This article serves to shed light on what the government shutdown means for you . The end of this article contains links to help people find financial help, if needed.

Continuing Resolution in a government shut down

A continuing resolution is a government operations spending bill, and signed by October 1st  . A continuing resolution or a CR provides funding for the government. Funding can continue over an extended period of time, for a period of weeks and even months. Sadly, no-one signed a continuing resolution for October 1, 2018. Our government will present a CR on Thursday January 10th.  If no-one signs the CR by Friday night, here is what happens;

Air Travel

TSA’s and federal air traffic controllers will continue to work.

Federal Courts

Non-essential employees will be furloughed after two weeks.

Food Safety

The FDA conducts high risk recalls.. Routine safety inspections stop.


The National Institute of Health treats current patients. New patients are not treated .

International Travel

International travel is governed by the state department , therefore, passports and visa applications will be processed.


FHA will not underwrite or approve any new home mortgage loans. 


Our troops will continue to protect our country. They wait for their pay.

Your Mail

Your mail will continue.

National Parks

All national parks close.

School Lunches, SNAP and WIC

School lunches continue during a government shut down.  The Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) are affected.   The SNAP and Food Stamp program will continue. Smaller feeding programs may be affected.


The National Weather Service will continue .

Social Security

Medicare, Unemployment and Social Security will continue. On the other hand, new applicants might experience a slowdown.

Veterans Services

The majority of Department of Veterans Affair services will continue.

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