Contractors -How to find a good one

Contractors – How To Find A Good One

How do you  find a good contractor? Even though it may take more time and effort, finding a dependable home remodeling contractor will be well worth the wait. You need to find someone who understands what you want done, has the experience for the project, and will be honest with you each step of the way. These guidelines will help you in your search for a reputable contractor.

Think Strategically

Think strategically when you start the process of hiring a home remodeling contractor. While they may be employed to do a very specific piece of work, understanding where this fits into the bigger picture will benefit both yourself and your contractor.


If there are certain portions of a contract you don’t understand, don’t sign it. You should never sign paper work that you aren’t aware of.  You can ask the home remodeling contractor to explain it to you, but you should always have your legal representative present when looking at contracts.

Your contract will need to outline many important things about your project. Take the time to set out a schedule, payment plan, and anything else that is critical to the successful completion of the project. Setting out these expectations right away will ensure that the right person is hired for the job.


You want to make sure that a contractor will be both bonded and insured. This will prevent you from having to pay liability damages. Find out if the home remodeling contractor has references.  Contact them directly to figure out how well the contractor worked and if the reference will hire them again and why.

Work Site Visits

Frequent and regular visits of the work site will ensure that the home remodeling contractor undertakes his duties as professionally as required. Daily time sheets  explaining what was done during a certain day should be submitted to you regularly. This will assist you in determining the competency of the contractor. You should also insist that the residential home remodeling contractor states his priorities. Make sure he adjusts them to meet what you want.

Trade Shows

When you have decided to start looking for a home remodeling contractor, take the time to go to some trade shows. These are fantastic places to go in order to meet and speak with many contractors all at once. Take the time to ask questions and meet as many residential home remodeling contractors that you can at these shows. This will help you  determine who to hire for your project.

Your Agreement

Show each prospective home remodeling contractor an agreement which you draw up in advance to initial consultations. This way, you can compare bids for the same agreement. If a contractor wants to use his/her own agreement, ask for that to be provided with yours.

Be well informed. An informed person is much more likely to hire who they need and want. Even though you are not doing the work yourself, you need to know the steps to make sure things are going as planned.


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