Bullying A National Crisis?


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Bullying is no laughing matter no matter when it happens. When it is your child that is bullied, that makes the situation more personal, and you’re more likely to want to fight for your child’s rights to go to school without anybody picking on them. Here are some ideas you can take into the next school year to improve the bullying situation.

1.) Talk about the problem with your child’s new teacher at the beginning of the year. This can help the teacher keep on the look-out for any potentially troubling behaviors that may indicate that your child is being bullied. The teacher can then step in to prevent any potential problems.

2.) Organize a group of concerned parents to approach the school’s administration about ways you can participate in the school’s anti-bullying efforts. You may be able to volunteer in a classroom during a lesson about bullying or otherwise participate in helping make the campus safe and accepting of all students.

3.) Encourage your child to speak to an adult they trust at school if they are bullied or see others who are being picked on.

4.) Teach your child how to effectively stand up to bullies, such as being humorous, and saying “stop” in a direct and confident way. Your child can also walk away if they are being bullies.

5.) Teach your child to stay near groups of adults or other children to prevent being cornered by a bully where no one can see what is going on.

6.) Talk with your kids every day to keep the lines of communication open. Ask about one good thing and one bad thing that happened during the day. Find out who they sit with at lunch and what they talk about. Ask about what it’s like to ride the bus, and ask them what they feel they are good at doing at school.

7.) Discuss what bullying means to your child. Explain what a bully acts like, and talk about why they may act that way. Help your child identify an adult they can talk to at school about bullying.

8.) Create a plan of action for if your child sees someone being bullied. They can be kind to those who are bullied, or find an adult to help out if another child is being bullied, for example.

You can find more helpful ideas about how to talk with your child about bullying and about how to prevent it at StopBullying.gov.


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