About Us


How awesome is it when parents and teachers lock arms for the sake of a child’s  education.  There are times when a parent feels like an outsider regarding school issues, having to reluctantly bend to the school district’s perspective and never really understand why. There are times when the teacher feels like an enemy in the face of adversarial questioning  and accusations by parents, despite the  many hoops they have jumped through to qualify as an educator.  The student is always in the middle.

Parents4Teachers writers are veterans,  20+ years,  from blue ribbon suburban school districts.  Their expertise covers a broad range of content from elementary to high school issues.  They are math and reading specialists, principals, preschool teachers,  special education teachers and regular classroom teachers.  Parents4Teachers serves to bridge the gap between parents  and teachers by answering many questions for busy overwhelmed parents on vital issues.

Here is the fruit – teachers and parents become advocates and student achievement skyrockets well into adulthood.  In the end , it is all about the children.  Our mission – to help build productive, happy adults and strong families.

You will want to visit Teachers4Parents™ over and over again as you move through each new school year .  Why?  You’ll never know if we are addressing the same issue that has you immersed.  Check us out, check back regularly and stay connected!!


M.L. Page M.Ed.