As A Women, Can I Protect Myself With A Stun Gun?

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 I could hardly sleep at night. I was going on vacation to Hawaii for the first time. The night just before my flight, I inspected my very own travel suitcase to find out if there was anything I had forgotten to bring along in my excitement, which was very likely. My brother Jack helped me out.

It appeared that I had packed all the things I would require, even my stun weapon. I took it out and held it up, grinning at Jack. I informed him I might overlook to bring other items, but this? Never. However, Jack scolded me for not being aware of anything at all concerning stun gun laws, or I would have known that stun guns are illegal within Hawaii.

I discovered they are considered “electric guns,” within Hawaii. It is illegal for anyone there, even an accredited manufacturer, importer or vendor, to own, sell, give or lend stun weapons. If the authorities locate one on you, they will take it, and the police chief will get rid of of it.

I never realized this particular law existed, of course. The trouble is that is no legal protection.

I found out that Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, District of Columbia, and also Rhode Island also ban stun guns. Wisconsin as well as Illinois allow them, yet with limitations.

Illinois stun gun purchasers, just like firearms buyers within that state, need to have firearms owner’s identification (FOID) cards and wait around 24 hours just before acquiring their weapons. Accredited traders perform criminal background checks on customers and need to keep the record of sale for 10 years just like they do with firearms acquisitions.

I found out that cities and counties such as Chicago, Annapolis, Baltimore (including Baltimore County), Howard county inside Maryland, Philadelphia and also New York City prohibit stun guns, also.

I left my very own stun weapon with Jack for safekeeping. I learned my lesson. In case you own a stun gun, you should know the stun gun laws inside your own place or anyplace you are heading before bringing it together with you. I am simply thankful I didn’t wind up learning my lesson the difficult way.


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